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The following examples are designed to give you a flavour of the sort of work we have done and the types of things we can do for you and your business.

Developing HR professionals, city law firm

Introduced a development programme tailored to meeting the needs of the HR team. The programme covered a range of activities including identifying and embedding HR values, HR technical competencies for each team / role, a mentoring programme, a revised personal development plan and a series of targeted workshops and webinars on hot topics.

Rolling out management skills workshops, investment bank

Rolled out a programme across the management population to give them the skills needed to manage in a newly regulated environment. Workshops included an increased emphasis on performance management and practical development around observational and feedback skills. The goal was to help the managers see performance management in the new environment as more than a 'tick-box' exercise and as something that could really add value to their business and help individuals reach their full potential within the organisation.

Designing and embedding a new performance review system, professional services firm

Introduced a new performance review process including designing a tailored competency framework. Worked closely with key stakeholders so that the process matched the needs of the business and the competencies reflected the skills and behaviours that were required in the various roles covered. To support the implementation of the new system designed and delivered a briefing session for all users and ran further workshops on coaching, feedback, objective setting etc to ensure managers were in a position to have meaningful career and development conversations with their teams. One-to-one coaching was also delivered to support individuals needing to deliver some particularly difficult messages.

Introducing of a new leadership competency framework, insurance company

Rolled out a new leadership competency framework by designing a workshop specifically to engage the teams and individuals and bring it to life in a way that was relevant to their role. We were successful in encouraging the participants to 'own' the framework so that it became truly embedded in the language of business and performance. Participants left able to clearly see the value of the framework for them as individuals and for the organisation as a whole and were able to articulate the key measures.


Facilitating leadership team strategy meeting, heads of business services

Facilitated a two day meeting for the heads of six business services departments with the objective of identifying strategic and operational ways in which they could better align themselves to the business. Worked closely with the COO and HR Director to scope out the requirements for the event and held pre-meetings with all participants to ensure the event addressed all their priorities. Although a detailed agenda was produced for the meeting, this had to be revised throughout the event as new requirements and priorities arose.

Presenting and impact programme to enhance the customer experience, fund manager

As part of a culture change initiative to enhance the client experience, worked with small groups and individuals to improve presentation and pitching skills. Ran very practical session to work on rapport building, communication skills and presenting oneself and information in order to achieve a positive outcome. Each individual received full and personalised feedback and left with a comprehensive action plan to take forward.

Improving team working skills, international development organisation

Ran a series of team working / building sessions to explore working styles and relationships using MBTI. The sessions had a consistent core content which meant that people in different teams had been exposed to the same materials and resulted in a common language that individuals could use when discussing work styles and relationships. The sessions were tailored to reflect particular needs of the different teams providing, for example, a focus on communication, change, decision making etc depending on the issues that were most relevant to the team. Each session resulted in individual and team action points that were reviewed over the following months.

Enhancing key client meetings, business development team

Worked in partnership with business developement managers to scope, design and deliver workshops to enhance key client meetings. A needs analysis identified key gaps in skills around facilitating meetings and maintaining momentum and follow-up between meetings. The workshops included a number of practical exercises and case studies that were carefully designed to highlight current challenges the team faced. Where appropriate, the actions arising from the workshops were incorporated into annual objectives to ensure they were reviewed and measured.

Identifying core values, primary school

Facilitated a session with the leadership team of a primary school to identify key values for the team. Supported them over the following year to embed the values with the team before rolling out to the rest of the teaching staff and also the pupils. The success of the project was visible at the school in the form of posters, leaflets and literature reflecting the values but more importantly in terms of the way the teachers and pupils used them in their everyday discussions.